Meet Brett

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Hi, I’m Brett!  I help driven solopreneurs get out of their 9-5 and make more money doing work they love. My mission is to help others discover their purpose, recognize their worth, and feel empowered every day.



After 15+ years in recruiting, training, and business development, I decided to start my own coaching business in 2019. I was able to hit 6 figures in my first full year- and now I am teaching other women how to do the same.



My methods are unique- far from cookie-cutter- and they WORK! Whether you are considering a career transition or looking to create your own coaching business, my holistic approach will help you move beyond any limitations and truly transform your life.



As a member of the chronic/rare disease community, and a Board Member of Our Odyssey, I am also passionate about providing guidance for people with chronic illness in the workplace.



My high EQ and understanding of workplace dynamics – as well as my multidisciplinary approach- brings a unique perspective and enhances the coaching experience. I’ve also been known to pull an Oracle card or two…

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