Tailor-made coaching just for you

Your unique business deserves custom wisdom.

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When you go for a fast-casual burrito, you know the guac is extra and you don’t care because it’s more important for you to get exactly what you want, how you want it. And if a burrito can be fully customized,  coaching should be too.


You’re one of a kind and your situation is unique––that’s why I created Bespoke Coaching. 

 Maybe you’re trying to decide if you want to start a business or wondering how to progress in your career (or if you even want to stay in your current career at all). Maybe you want to know what your birth chart says about the issue you’re struggling with or how to cultivate a mindful spiritual practice that makes sense for your life.

And maybe you’ve tried one-size-fits-all approaches before and they just didn’t work because you have specific, nuanced needs. That’s why Bespoke Coaching will be tailor-made for each client. In our one-on-one sessions, we’ll hone in on exactly what’s keeping you up at night and unable to move forward in your business, career, and life. I’ll give you actionable advice custom-made specifically for you. 

This is especially for you if the industry you love is a tough nut to crack.

I’ll meet you where you’re at, no matter how far down the road you’ve gone or how far you’ve advanced in your journey. 

What You’ll Get

We’ll work together to figure out the number of sessions you’ll need to bring closure to what you’re struggling with, so your coaching experience will be as long as you need. (Most clients need a minimum of 8 sessions.) 

And I won’t leave you hanging––toward the end of weekly sessions, we’ll figure out a maintenance and accountability plan. (Think of it like a regularly scheduled tune-up.) 

I’ll walk you through every challenge, every step of the way. My clients and I have tackled business, career, spiritual, and other life challenges during our work together.

And in addition to me, you’ll get lifetime access to a diverse global community of other people who love supporting each other (including with referrals and collaborations).

image description: Brett Chinn, a white woman wearing a black blouse, shuffling a deck of oracle cards at a wooden desk.

“Brett is an awesome, insightful, compassionate, and inspirational career coach. Brett’s coaching held me ‘accountable’, inspired me, and reminded me of my importance. She made every coaching session progressively more valuable than the latter with her guidance and expertise pointing me in directions I would never have thought of. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to work with her and would highly recommend her to professionals at any stage in their career.”

Tracey Thomas

Vice President, Financial Services

I now have a VERY clear vision, purpose statement and path forward to what I want my life to look like not only for my career but my overall life mindset. Setting goals, making concrete future plans, helping with edits, confidence boosts and encouragement to apply to jobs I never thought could be possible are all examples of things Brett helps her clients with each week.
If you’re embarking on a new career chapter in life and literally don’t know what step 1 might even be, a mindful career coach like Brett would be IT! 

Lydia Kennedy

Operations Manager


I’ve been a successful entrepreneur for a long time. Am I too advanced for this?

As someone with 15+ years of experience myself, I totally understand where you’re coming from. You’ve picked up a lot of knowledge over the years and the last thing you need is a rehash of information you’ve heard a million times before––and, let’s be honest, you don’t have time for that.

Chances are that something brought you here for a reason. Deep down, you know you’re not living up to your full potential, regardless of how much success you’ve already generated and how many awards you’ve racked up over the years. You’ve accomplished your big dreams in the past, but I bet you’ve got even bigger and even scarier dreams you want to bring to life now.

Whatever brought you here today means a lot to you and it’s worth pursuing, especially if it’s been on the back-burner for a long time. Bespoke Coaching is 100% tailored to the needs of each individual client––no cookie cutter methods––so I’ll work with you on your specific dreams and goals.

I believe you’re never too old or too experienced to learn something new, shift in a different direction, or try something you’ve always wanted to do but never had the chance. If you’re open to learning, I’m happy to work with you.

Can beginners do Bespoke Coaching?

Yes, absolutely! Whether this is your first time working with a business coach, life coach, or career coach, or you’ve worked with coaches before and never found the right fit, I’d love to support you.

If you’re at the beginning of your journey, you’ll be starting out on the right foot. If you’re an old pro, you’ll get state-of-the-art knowledge to help you pivot and make the best decisions for your life and business. If you’re feeling exhausted, exasperated, stuck, and stagnant, please know there’s a way out––we’ll work together to figure out the best way forward for you and your unique situation.

I’ve been building my career on my own for years. Why should I sign up for Bespoke Coaching?

You’ve probably tried everything in the book and are still frustrated and stuck because the book wasn’t written for you. That’s why you need one-on-one sessions, custom-made for you and your unique business.

As you know from personal experience, getting ahead in your career and personal brand in a way that doesn’t leave you burned out is HARD work. You’ve probably got a scrappy, can-do attitude that’s served you well over the years and helped get you to where you are.

I know how you feel because I’ve been where you are.  I have always been ambitious, but even with starting my corporate career super early (I interned with Bloomberg at 17!), I know how difficult to be to navigate the corporate landscape, and create a  professional reputation that carries you beyond your current 9 to 5.

What if I’ve hired other coaches in the past and their methods didn’t work?

Ugh, I know what you mean because I’ve been there too! Unfortunately, not all coaches are all they’re cracked up to be. I’ve seen it all: coaches forcing cookie-cutter methods on all their clients, regardless of the clients’ actual needs, and coaches who lack the vital experience they need to actually help you.

That’s why I have such a passion for helping people become better, more ethical business owners and why I love helping coaches become better coaches. When entrepreneurs are confident, knowledgeable, and empowered, they pass that on to their own clients.

That’s why Bespoke Coaching is a 100% custom, one-on-one program. I want to work directly with you on the exact problems you’re experiencing so we can make a lasting difference in your business and life. I’ll answer every question you have and always tie what you’re learning to your business. 

Plus, I walk the walk and have the chops to back up everything I teach. I’m accredited, have 15+ years of experience, and still do continuing education work. (Have you seen my About page?) I make it a priority in my business and life so I can pass what I learn on to my clients and help them continue getting better too. 

While I can’t speak to what every other coach out there is doing, I can tell you that no one is as passionate about helping people bring their dreams to life as I am. I also know that hiring a business coach can be scary, which is why I do a free discovery call with every potential client so we can get to know each other and make sure we’re a good fit before we commit to working together.

I’m not sure whether I should sign up for Empowered Entrepreneur or Bespoke Coaching. What should I consider to help me decide?

If you’re brand new to coaching and/or have a pretty straightforward business, Empowered Entrepreneur  will work beautifully for you. It consists of 12 one-on-one sessions and weekly group coaching calls, all specifically geared toward business.

If you’ve done business coaching before and come out on the other side more confused than before, if your business is non-traditional, if you’ve had a lot of success in the past but know you’re not living up to your full potential, or if you’re looking for career coaching or life coaching, Bespoke Coaching is for you. I typically work with clients for a minimum of 8 one-on-one sessions where we address your specific needs and dig even deeper into life, mindset, money, and relationships. 

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