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What would you be doing if all your needs and resources were met? 


Maybe you’d want to be an artist or a coach or open your own law practice. Imagine what could be possible for you if you didn’t have to work for someone else doing something that doesn’t fulfill you. Hold that vision in your mind. 

My job is to help you make that vision a reality.

Ask any self-employed person and they’ll tell you that being your own boss is the BEST. You deserve to know what that’s like and you’ve come to the right place. 

Empowered Entrepreneur is a 12-week business coaching program where we’ll work one-on-one to help you grow your business with heart, soul, and authenticity while positioning you as an expert in your niche. You’ll stand out from the crowd so you can reach the people you most want to work with. 

Through one-on-one sessions, group coaching calls, a diverse and supportive community of entrepreneurs, and an online learning portal that you have lifetime access to, you’ll uncover insights that help you translate your ideas into a joyful, profitable business. Get ready to make your customers say “take my money!”––without any sleazy sales tactics. You’ll learn how to sell from the heart, with confidence, and you’ll feel good about it because you’ll be helping people––and there’s nothing gross about making a positive difference in the lives of your customers. 


Here’s what you’ll learn in the online portion of the program:

✨ The Habits of a Great CEO

✨ Developing a Growth Mindset

✨ Developing a Mission Statement

✨ Defining Your Niche

✨ The Law of Attraction

✨ Building Your Vision

✨ Defining Your Dream Client

✨ Creating Your Offer

✨ Making Your Business Blueprint

✨ Personal Branding for Social Media

✨ Brand Positioning in Your Content

✨ Your First Steps to Your First Sale

✨ Combatting Impostor Syndrome

✨ How to Sell Like a Boss

✨ How to Generate Leads

✨ Creating Content that Connects (Inbound Lead Generation)

✨ Healing Your Relationship with Money

✨ Breaking Through Limiting Beliefs

✨ Nurturing Client Leads and Relationships

✨ Focus and Productivity

✨ Using LinkedIn for Leads

✨ Working Through Rejection

✨ Advanced Sales Techniques

✨ Your 90 Day Plan


And those are just the videos in the online learning portal. That doesn’t count the worksheets, guest presentations, and other resources. Not to mention the one-on-one sessions, group coaching calls, and the online community.


What makes Empowered Entrepreneur different?

What sets Empowered Entrepreneur apart is I don’t just tell you what to do, I actually show you how to apply what you’re learning specifically to your business.

The online course will help you build your foundation of business knowledge and introduce concepts, then on our one-on-one calls, we’ll work together on an action plan so you can implement what you’ve learned in your business.

There are a lot of online courses out there that will tell you what to do and some will even show you what to do in a general way––but they often lack the follow-through to actually help you apply what you’ve learned to your business. 


It’s more than business coaching––you’ll get a spiritual overhaul, too.

Being a successful entrepreneur is more than selling and making money… You have to get your mind right, too. That’s why every individual session and group coaching call includes a grounding meditation and an oracle card pull. I’ll help you tap into your intuition for all your business decisions and get the guides on your side.


I’ll be there for you every step of the way. I’ll answer any questions you have and always point you in the right direction that’s aligned with your goals.


On top of crunching numbers and helping you crush your financial goals, I’ll help you wade through all the mental crap (like the mean little voice in your head) that keeps you from doing your best and showing up fully in your business and life. We’ll work together to help you overcome impostor syndrome and bring cool, collected confidence to all you do. 

I’ll help you connect the dots between purpose-driven and money-making. You CAN be a spiritual teacher, new mom coach, stylist, fitness instructor––whatever your heart is calling for you to do––and make over $200K a year.


I bring my intuition to the table along with my oracle cards and knowledge of astrology to add spiritual guidance to my professional experience for a holistic approach. 

image description: Brett Chinn, a white woman wearing jeans and a black blouse sitting at a wooden desk and smiling.

Brett helped me build the base and confidence I needed to secure my first clients and officially launch my business. When you work with Brett she is in your corner the entire time and is really invested in the outcome. She made me think about my business in ways I never would have on my own. I can confidently say my business, my family, and I would not be where we are today without Brett's help. Invest in your business and invest in yourself - it's worth it.

Marisa McNemar

Proposal Manager

I'm finally living my truth thanks to Brett and her phenomenal program and community of female entrepreneurs she has cultivated. Brett is exactly what every businesswoman (or just woman in general!) needs in their life. She values making genuine relationships and connections with her clients which is what sets her apart from other business coaches who oftentimes are just looking for a quick sale.

Tess Olson

New Mom Coach & Doula

image description: Brett Chinn, a white woman wearing a black blouse, sitting at a wooden desk pulling oracle cards.

Brett gave me a playbook that helped me dot all of my i's and cross all of my t's. She introduced exceptional content and ideas that made an instant impact in finding and attracting the right clients. I would recommend her to any entrepreneurial-minded woman looking to make their business a full-time (really successful) venture.

Sarah Frank

Career Coach, The ADHD Recruiter

 I started working with Brett in October of 2021 after trialing consulting and coaching as a career. Nearly four months later, not only did I achieve my goals of launching my official business but I also have the mindset and skills to back it up as a business owner! I don't even want to think about where I would STILL be if it weren't for Brett and her proven method for success!! I'm so grateful to be an alumnus of her program and am in AWE of my own growth since working with her. Thank you for everything, Brett!

Kristen Wilkinson

Leadership Coach and Consultant


Does this program work for beginners?

Empowered Entrepreneur works for beginners and long-established entrepreneurs alike. Nothing in business ever stays the same and my goal with Empowered Entrepreneur is to help you navigate challenges to make your dreams possible. If you’re at the beginning of your journey, you’ll be starting out on the right foot! If you’re an old pro, you’ll get state-of-the-art knowledge to help you pivot and make more money than you have in years. Empowered Entrepreneur is for people who are sick and tired of feeling stuck and stagnant, so if that’s you, I’d love to help.


I’ve been building my business on my own for years. Why should I sign up for Empowered Entrepreneur?

As you know from personal experience, building your business and growing your income sustainably in a way that doesn’t leave you burned out is HARD work. You’ve probably got a scrappy, can-do attitude that’s served you well over the years and helped get you to where you are.

But what if building your business didn’t have to be SO hard? Entrepreneurship isn’t for the faint of heart and you’ve proven that you’re up for the task. But have you ever imagined how much more you’d accomplish and how fast your business would grow if you didn’t have to do expensive trial and error because you had someone who cares on your side giving you top-notch advice that’s aligned with your biggest goals? As a business owner, you’re always going to work hard… but what if you didn’t have to work as hard as you have in the past?

That’s why I created Empowered Entrepreneur. The course is jam-packed with all the things it took me years to learn––and that I wish somebody had told me when I was first starting out. Even with years of experience and DIY-ing, and an entrepreneur dad, there were still some things I wish I’d had distilled down for me so I could’ve gotten off to a running start––without so much of that nose to the grindstone feeling. 

Empowered Entrepreneur definitely takes hard work, though my hope is that the hard work of completing the course will set you up for a smoother journey ahead.

What if I’ve already taken other coaching courses and they haven’t worked?

Ugh, I know what you mean because I’ve been there too! Unfortunately, not all business coaches are all they’re cracked up to be. I’ve seen it all: coaches forcing cookie-cutter methods on all their clients, regardless of the clients’ actual needs, and coaches who lack the vital experience they need to actually help you.

That’s why I have such a passion for helping people become better, more ethical business owners and why I love helping coaches become better coaches. When entrepreneurs are confident, knowledgeable, and empowered, they pass that on to their own clients.

That’s why Empowered Entrepreneur is a one-on-one program. I want to work directly with you on the exact problems you’re experiencing so we can get to the bottom of them and make a lasting difference in your business and life. I’ll answer every question you have and always tie what you’re learning to your business. 

Plus, I walk the walk and have the chops to back up everything I teach. I’m accredited, have 15+ years of experience, and still do continuing education work. (Have you seen my About page?) I make it a priority in my business and life so I can pass what I learn on to my clients and help them continue getting better too. 

While I can’t speak to what every other coach out there is doing, I can tell you that no one is as passionate about helping people bring their dreams to life as I am. I also know that hiring a business coach can be scary, which is why I do a free discovery call with every potential client so we can get to know each other and make sure we’re a good fit before we commit to working together.

But I come from a family of entrepreneurs! What can you teach me that I don’t already know?

You’d be surprised how often I hear this! So many potential entrepreneurs are inspired to start their own businesses because they’ve seen that it’s possible from their own families. Sometimes entrepreneur family members are super helpful because they’re working a reasonable number of hours, making good money, and living their best life.

But sometimes entrepreneur family members aren’t the best people to ask––especially if they’re overworked, under-earning, and only like being an entrepreneur marginally better than they’d like having a day job. (Hint: If they constantly talk about getting out of the business, even if they’re joking, they may not be the best person to ask for advice.)

I come from an entrepreneur family myself (my dad has been running his own recruiting and sales firm for 45+ years) but that doesn’t mean that we have the exact same expertise or that I didn’t have more to learn. Most of my clients come to me because they thought they knew everything they needed to know to build their business and things turned out to be far more difficult than they anticipated. As a coach, it’s my job to give you targeted wisdom, specific to your unique business needs, to help smooth the path.

You’re always going to work hard––that’s why you should also work smart. I’ll equip you with the know-how to help you do just that.

I never seem to fit in anywhere. How do I know this is the place for me?

It’s human nature to seek belonging and that’s absolutely something you should take into account when you’re deciding whether to join any program or community. So I’m glad you asked!

The women and nonbinary people in the Empowered Entrepreneur community are like a merry band of misfits. “Merry” because we couldn’t be happier that we chose the path of entrepreneurship, and “band of misfits” because we’re each in our own ways breaking the mold of what’s expected of us.

Empowered Entrepreneur clients are people who have said no to the traditional 9-to-5 where they’re tethered to a desk and often forced to miss out on time with family and friends. They’re people who are tired of being told how much they’re going to get doing something they don’t love, as opposed to how much they can earn by doing what sets their soul on fire. They’re people who are sick of being told they’re out of vacation days, the company doesn’t have the resources for their latest idea, or that there’s no room for advancement.

Empowered Entrepreneurs are defying the expectations placed on women and nonbinary folks, as well as people in the rare disease and disability community. They’re breaking past the boundaries of the culture and class they were born into to become who they dream of being. Chances are if you feel like a misfit because you’ve never fit into a box someone tried to squeeze you into, you’ll fit right in with us.

I’m not sure whether I should sign up for Empowered Entrepreneur or Bespoke Coaching. What should I consider to help me decide?

If you’re brand new to coaching and/or have a pretty straightforward business, Empowered Entrepreneur will work beautifully for you. It consists of 12 one-on-one sessions and weekly group coaching calls, all specifically geared toward business.

If you’ve done business coaching before and come out on the other side more confused than before, if your business is particularly non-traditional, or if you’re looking for career coaching or life coaching, Bespoke Coaching is for you. I typically work with clients for a minimum of 8 one-on-one sessions where we address your specific needs and dig even deeper into life, mindset, money, and relationships.


Value: Priceless. 

What is your success story worth to you?


Brett helped me gain clarity around my business and showed me how to use the tools I have, develop a growth mindset, and have confidence in myself, my abilities and my business! The support that she offers both personally and professionally will be something I'll forever be grateful for. If you are hesitant about working with Brett, all I can say is: Don't be.

Regina Ulrich

Online Business Manager

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