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Are you a heart-centered entrepreneur ready to break away from the typical way things have “always been done”- and do things YOUR way?


One of the best parts of being your own boss is the creative and financial freedom it provides! You are EMPOWERED to do the work you love, with whom you want, and when.


Gone are the days of running ideas past a boss, only to hear, “sorry, that’s not possible, that’s just not how things have always been done.”


Instead, YOU are the boss! And when inspiration strikes, you’re ready to take action! It’s so fulfilling… and so, so fun!


Ready to realize your dreams and make a real impact (and real money)?


You are in the right place.


Empowered Entrepreneur is a 12 week accelerator program designed to help coaches and other purpose-driven people launch and scale their own successful online businesses to 6 figures and beyond. 



⚡ I help you dig deep and translate your ideas into a real, profitable business.

⚡ I help you combat imposter syndrome and show up with confidence every day.

⚡ I combine mindset + action for ultimate results.

⚡ If you hate sales, I help you connect with ideal clients who’ll say “please take my money!”

⚡ I connect the dots between purpose-driven and money-making. You CAN be a spiritual teacher and make over $200K a year.



✔ Motivated, purpose-driven women who feel tethered to a full-time job because they’re not making enough money with their side hustle.

✔ Coaches who want to share their expertise but are stuck in their Anxiety Spiral.

✔ People who want to make a big impact but cringe when they hear “sales.”



✅ I understand exactly what it takes to run a profitable business that lights you up- and I have a proven track record of teaching other women how to do the same .

✅ With me, you’ll never feel like a number. I’m here to help you realize your own unique potential and I will not quit until that happens.

✅ I don’t push a “one size fits all” approach. You’re not cookie-cutter and neither are my methods.



☛ The daughter of an entrepreneur, with 15+ years of experience in talent acquisition and sales, I have been coaching people throughout my entire career and launched my own successful business making 6 figures in my first full year.

☛ I know how to recruit, which means I know relationship-based sales. Case in point: I met my husband through one of my clients, and was hired into full-time roles by two of them.

Brett gave me a playbook that helped me dot all of my i’s and cross all of my t’s.

“I would recommend her to any entrepreneurial-minded woman looking to make their business a full-time (really successful) venture. I would have never had the courage to go out on my own without her!”


– Sarah Frank, ADHD & Career Coach, “The ADHD Recruiter”


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