• Brett Chinn

5 Things That Do NOT Belong On Your Resume

Writing a resume can be overwhelming! While there is plenty of information you do need to include -accomplishments, education, contact info- there are also some things that unnecessarily take up (valuable) space. Here's a list of 5 things that do not belong on your resume:

1. An Objective - If you applied for a job, this should be obvious:

your objective is to get hired for the position you applied to.

2. Hobbies/Interests - Unless it's relevant to the job or mission (i.e. you're applying to PETA and volunteer at an animal shelter), leave it out.

3. Personal Pronouns - "I" has no place on your resume. Your bullet points should imply the first person: Processed payroll vs. I processed payroll.

4. Irrelevant Experience - A resume is a marketing tool, not a legal document. You are not required to include every job you've held, especially if it's not relevant to your target role.

5. Graphs/Charts - Not only are they distracting - and visually unappealing - but they also require the reader to slow down to try and tease out information. Don't make it harder for a recruiter to find your accomplishments.

So, what should you be sure to include on your resume? Stay tuned for more #resumewriting tips in the days to come!


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