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Time is money, so let’s make the most of yours.

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You deserve more

You’re ambitious, you’re creative, and you’re tired of feeling stuck in a 9-to-5 where you don’t get to bring your full self to the table. You’re exhausted, burned out, and constantly ask yourself, Is this it? Is this all there is?

But you know you’re meant for more because you long for more. 

You’ve got big dreams for what your life could look like: 

✨ doing work that makes you feel joyful

✨ having more creative freedom

✨ contributing your voice in the decision-making (and having others take you seriously)

✨ having more flexibility in your schedule, and 

✨ making more money so you can build the life you’ve always wanted and support causes you believe in.


Whether you’re just starting out as an entrepreneur or you’ve been a small business owner for years, it’s time to create the business of your dreams.

Empowered Entrepreneur is a 12-week accelerator one-on-one coaching program designed to help you build a 6-figure business or scale to the next level. (Great for all levels!)


Bespoke Coaching is for you if you love customizable options and don’t care that guac is extra. If you want a program tailored completely to your unique needs, consider going Bespoke.

Empowered Entrepreneur

A 12-week accelerator designed to help you launch a 6-figure online business.


Bespoke Coaching Packages

For the woman who is ready to break the mold, let’s create something together!


Workshops & Training

Looking for corporate group workshops and one-on-one coaching on recruiting topics?


Brett was a huge asset to me as I was starting my business.

“Through her Empowered Entrepreneur program, I was given the tools to combine both mindset + action to accelerate my business and reach my fullest potential. Thank you so much Brett for teaching me everything you have – something I can’t possibly put a price on.”


– Regan Heinrichs, Stylist and Owner of The Wardrobe Edit


Is this you?

I work with entrepreneurs who:

➡️ Have talent and drive, but are struggling to translate that into their dream business.

➡️ Want to use their talent and drive to help people and make a difference.

➡️ Are tired of punching a time clock for someone else’s dreams at the expense of their own.

➡️ Believe the life they’ve always wanted is possible because you wouldn’t have the dream if it weren’t meant to be. 

➡️ Dream of having clients who say “take my money!” but also think a lot of “salesy” language is gross, so you want to sell from the heart, with authenticity. No pushy, sleazy, gross stuff. 

➡️ Are ready to do the work––because researching and brainstorming alone won’t make it happen. 

➡️ Know that building the kind of business you want takes time and that’s why you’re willing to invest in it. 

➡️ Understand that there’s no such thing as defeat; there’s only learning and trying again. 

➡️ Know that the comfort zone is a boring, stagnant place to be and that’s why you want help getting out of it. 

➡️ Can’t stand the rigidity of a traditional, uninspired 9-to-5 any longer.

➡️ Believe that whether it’s a corner office or a cubicle, they’re all just walls… And you’re ready to break free. 

Success Stories

I’ve worked with a variety of women across a wide range of industries and professions like

✨ Personal stylists

✨ Doulas

✨ Consultants

✨ Venture capitalists

✨ Leadership coaches

✨ Career coaches 

✨ Health and wellness experts

✨ Small business website specialists 

✨ Therapists

✨ Patient advocates 

✨ Recruiters 

✨ and more 

All of these women are passionate experts in their field who thrive on teaching others and sharing their knowledge with those who can most benefit from it. They came to me because I coach coaches on how to be better coaches. 


If you’re ready to build the business of your dreams, I’d love to help you too.

Brett is a fantastic coach and wonderful person – I couldn’t recommend her more.

When I started my journey looking for a Career Coach I was completely overwhelmed with options and had no idea where to start.  Brett heard where I was in my journey, gave me tools to identify what it was that I really wanted and then worked with me to move through the barriers I saw in my way. She saw me and my circumstances as unique and it was clear her coaching was specifically for me – not a one size fits all approach. While working with Brett,  I stood up to the imposter syndrome standing in my way and took a new job that will serve as the foundation for pursuing what I really want out of my life and career.

Jennifer Brandon

Graphic Designer

I would recommend Brett to any entrepreneurial-minded woman looking to make their business a full-time (really successful) venture.

I worked with Brett while developing my business, which helps Women with ADHD find jobs that allow them to be their authentic selves. I had the knowledge after recruiting for 10 years and working as a career coach for the last 4 years, but what I didn’t have was the confidence, the checklist, or the accountability to do it on my own. Brett gave me a playbook that helped me dot all of my i’s and cross all of my t’s. She introduced exceptional content and ideas that made an instant impact in finding and attracting the right clients

Sarah Frank

Career Coach, The ADHD Recruiter

Brett is an incredible business coach and mentor

I am so grateful to have worked with her because my professional and personal life has improved significantly. She gave me the tools I needed to succeed in my business and I am so appreciative of her kindness, expertise and support throughout my career journey. If you are hesitant to work with a Coach, Brett has your back 100% and you will not be disappointed. I can’t recommend her enough! Thanks again, Brett!

Paige Mitchell

Board Certified Life Coach

Everyone needs a Brett!

I was completely lost when I met Brett 5 months ago. I didn’t know what direction to go or what I truly wanted in my work life. In such a short period of time, she not only helped me figure out my next step, she changed my life.

Brett is a fabulous blend of a brilliant business mind and an intuitive spiritual soul. She offers incredible tools and insight on the practicalities and logistics of starting a business from the ground up. And she equally prioritizes mindset work, manifestation, and astrology. This combination WORKS.

Zoe Ruhf

Art Coach, Owner of Life Ceramics

Brett was a huge asset to me as I was starting my business.

Through her Empowered Entrepreneur program, I was given the tools to combine both mindset + action (both of which I never knew I needed, but did!) to accelerate my business and reach my fullest potential. Her coaching was unlike anything I’ve ever received before. Her approach felt very tailored to me and my business and didn’t feel like the tools she provided were one size fits all. I highly recommend Brett’s program to give you all of the necessary tools to get you started and beyond. Thank you so much Brett for teaching me everything you have – something I can’t possibly put a price on. I know what I’ve learned through Brett’s program will be lessons and tools I’ll carry with me forever, both in business and in life.

Regan Heinrichs

Owner, The Wardrobe Edit by Regan