Group Training for Corporations and One-on-One Training for Recruiters

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As a top sales performer with 15+ years in the staffing industry, Brett can lead corporate workshops and guide recruiters
one-on-one in developing their recruiting career.

Whether you’re planning a corporate training session or you want to inspire your recruiting team to attract and retain prospects with heart and authenticity, I’m the workshop leader for you.

You’ll leave with a shift in mindset, an actionable path forward, and the motivation to make it happen.

As a top sales performer and recruiter, I know what it takes to find top talent, form genuine relationships, and think outside the box to drive results. Oftentimes, recruiters who want to grow in the industry don’t have anyone sitting down with them to tell them what to focus on and how to navigate tricky situations––that’s where I come in.

 I’ll bring my truth, humor, personal experiences, and years of proven results to connect with workshop attendees. My workshops aren’t spectator sports––I keep the audience engaged with entertaining stories and crowd participation. 

I’ve led trainings at organizations including The Boston Consulting Group, QOMPLX, Inc., NORD, ChenMed, HireCapital, and more. With a focus on training and coaching recruiters and HR, I’ll gladly create custom workshops and training for your next event to match your theme.

I provide group training and one-on-one coaching on a variety of recruiting-related topics. From intimate small gatherings to big stages, here are just a couple of the topics I can train you on. I’ll teach you how to:

✨ Use LinkedIn for company growth and hiring 

✨ Audit, revamp, and reinvigorate your recruiting process

✨ Attract and retain the best talent (even if you can’t offer all the perks of a bigger company)

✨ Improve your talent acquisition

✨ Grow your staffing business

✨ Find clients and partners using relationship-based sales

✨ Build a standout employer brand

✨ Adapt to the best hiring practices (especially today, where there’s high worker demand!)

✨ Increase diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) for women and people in the rare disease and invisible illness community 

✨ and more

Brett is a fantastic corporate trainer who I’ve hired to develop my recruiting team and sales teams as her humanizing and value-based approach to everything she does is PRICELESS. She is extremely valuable to any entrepreneur or business fortunate enough to have her advisement as there is no one more passionate about delivering an incredible experience for the people she works with than Brett.

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Searching for professional excellence? Work with Brett! Brett provides customized coaching to achieve professional goals. Brett met with my students and provided invaluable interview training and insight which opens doors of opportunity for future student success.

Charity Rohlfs

Midland College


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Hi, I’m Brett!

Brett Chinn has over 15 years of experience in staffing, recruiting, and business development. She has helped high-level boutique staffing and talent acquisition firms grow to more than $6 million in revenue in under five years. Brett has also been hired by Fortune 100 companies like BCG and Booz Allen Hamilton to train their teams and help them attract and retain top talent. Additionally, Brett works as an Academic Advisor for Customer Experience (CX) at the University of Richmond and as a Board Member of Our Odyssey, an international nonprofit serving the chronic/rare disease community. As a member of this community herself, she is passionate about providing guidance for people with chronic illnesses in the workplace and the companies who hire them. Learn more at

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